Annota is a service, that allows you to create and share bookmarks. Get all your bookmarks with your notes in one place. Add tags to bookmarks for easier search and revision. Create bookmarks and notes in your browser extension and manage your library on the web.

Want to share interesting sites you found? Just create a group, invite your friends or colleagues and have all shared bookmarks in one place. Share your thoughts on a bookmark through highlights or comments. Get the brainstorming done in no time.

Follow up with what your friends or colleagues read. See what they read, what they think about it and what is interesting for them.

Insert annotations into web pages and into PDF documents with the same tool. Do you use Mendeley? No problem. You can continue to do so, import and synchronize your documents with Annota. Annota comes with Firefox extension that lets you create and share bookmarks, insert tags, highlight text and comment it while you browse the web.

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Brumo presents a browser-based distributed multi-agent collaborative user modelling and personalisation platform. Since the main purpose is to enable personalisation of browsed web content to user, Brumo provides an interface for user model access. Via personalisation extensions, user can extend this model even further and based on gathered information about various user characteristics, user can modify content of browsed web pages to work more efficiently and comfortably.

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